Curation Report Week to 7th Dec

Good Afternoon and welcome to another curation report, today we look over the last 7 days at Sloth.Buzz! - Come share your music, art, gaming and crypto content to feature in the next edition!!

Let's recap some of our top content sharers and their articles!

SlothBuzz Curation image from canva

Top posts this week:

Merch image from slothlyDoesit's post


There's a New sloth about town, this "@SlothBurn" Account attempts to Burn some tokens -Link!

@slothlydoesit received the first of the SlothBuzz merch - Link

Check out the Sloth.Buzz Merch store to grab your own Sloth.Buzz merch!

@Patlebo opens door number 6 of his advent calender! Check out all his Marble Run / Gravitrax posts this month!



TRENTON LUNDY is next to feature in @hmvf's series of artist interviews!

Our Music section wouldn't be complete without a post from @ravenMus1c this week with a dream come true! Her very own FRONTPAGE magazine cover! Check it out Here

Begin you music NFT journey with blocktunes!

Dadspardans meme from linked article

Comedy and memes

@dadspardan smashing it out the park with his activity challenges, from the TikTok and Meme 100 day challenge to making the most of his new Gaming PC he's got something for everyone! - Link

@slothlydoesit hits us with some of his finest memes this Hump day! - Link

SlothlyDoesIt Banners


Time for some Art

Check out these awesome page breaks from Santa Slothly himself!

These awesome festive banners (as seen above and below) are some of SlothlyD's free assets for the Hive community! We can't wait to see how you integrate them into your posts!

Remember and give @slothlydoesit a shout if you use them!

Check them all out HERE

SlothlyDoesIt Banners

P2E Gaming and Pizza Blitzzzz

@blitzzzz is back to maximum output, constantly producing articles, recapping everything from Pizza events to play to earn games and more!

DeepDish Brawl ReportA YEAR of power ups!
Blitzzzz recaps this weeks Brawl, after finally catching up with backdated content!Congrats to Blitzzzz on a year full of POWER!!

It was Power up Day!

Talking of @HiveBuzz Power-Up day!, we also were graced with a Power-up day posts from @slothlydoesit (over 1000HP now!) and @dadspardan got involved with his "first power up day post."

A Few more quality posts:

Post titleAuthorOverview
Time for voting power replenishment@cryptothesiscryptothesis Shows the basic voting replenishment info
Maximise Curation voting - Leo Weight multiplier tool@cryptothesisOn his quest for all things Hive, cryptothesis shows us Leo vote multiplier tool
Reliance on Amitabha@mituoshizheAmitabha as a Buddhist practice to be a clear sign of one eventually letting go, successfully.
Reflection Hunter entry@henrycaluHenry entres this weeks Reflection Hunter challenge with a beutiful photo of his grandmother

Finally we want to shout out @enginewitty, not only is he helping with the @thealliance Hive families Secret Santa, he's also repping the Vets and bringing some festive cheers to those in need!

EngineWitty's article reads

Check out this touching article and see if you can get involved! HERE

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That rounds off this weeks recap! We're excited by the quality of the content currently appearing on SlothBuzz and can't wait for you to get involved! Authors earn 50% of Slothbuzz rewards for their posts, Curators earn the other 50%! Start using Sloth.Buzz to earn some #slothbuzz tokens and start curating the best content from small creators on Hive!

Please drop some love on any of the above posts that catch your eye! Our main goal is to support small creators and help them grow! This is only possible with your help!

For your chance to appear in the next edition of the Sloth.Buzz curation report, use Sloth.Buzz, post to the slothbuzz community or use the #slothbuzz tag! Content focus: music, art, gaming and crypto (comedy/memes)!

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Thank you @slothbuzz and may you have many successes!

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Gracias @slothbuzz y que tengas muchos éxitos!