Mar. 17, 23: Routine, Crashing, Oculus, TV, and Games


[Hrm, I got up about the normal time and have already got my post skeleton done, but for some reason I feel like, since it's just about eight, I need to rush...I suppose two hours is plenty of time, the danger is taking that time for granted.]

Got to sleep a little late last night, pushing ten o'clock and I was up at least three times during the night. 😪 Got up around three-ish and moved out to the couch and then slept until shortly after five. All told, I was about half an hour short, and I must be right on the borderline since I crashed out for about a half an hour in the afternoon.

Got a relatively early start on the morning routine and took some extra time diving into the token shifting, but otherwise just did all the usual morning stuff.

Look at those green candles, babay! Bitcoin has actually popped even further, another five percent plus...sounds like Binance may have something to do with it since they're supposedly converting like a billion dollars worth of BNB and BUSD to Bitcoin.

Whether that's the catalyst or the banking crisis that's occurring/looming (now Credit Swisse is in the news, and that ain't no little regional bank!) or the FED's bailout response or a combination of all of the above (and maybe something else I missed) doesn't really matter as long as number go up. 🤑 Again, it's not the dollar value I care so much about (since I don't want their paper play "money" anyway) but rather the purchasing power that represents.


Trying also to be happy that HIVE's price is rising as well...just have to shut my eyes to the fact that it's still only around forty cents, nevermind that, up is good.

Spent the rest of the morning working on my post and cranked another fifteen hundred words. With the exception of mornings when I'm rushed, seems like I've been doing pretty well around that mark. 😀

I'm not exactly sure what possessed me (I absolutely refused to do it last season), but even though I didn't set an alarm (being a step over the line), I did decide to run five minute Dungeon Master missions for most of the morning.

I used those short runs to take care of the equipment challenges (like do a run fully equipped with rare or epic items) as well as to work on the number of runs in a day and number of runs with active candy.

While I was really tempted to get another season pass looking at the other rewards I'm missing out on in the Well of Wealth, but I just couldn't balance it out...can't justify it.

At the end of the day, after a month, I only get like sixty cents, BUT, I have won/earned literally hundreds of NFTs on WAX and EOS (maxed out WAX today with a hundred - many of which are packs), so there is that value there too...


On a side-note there, been thinking about adding some more to my collection. Haven't really done anything more with that since I created those two NFTs (the only two that exist). I don't really have any plans for them, but it does feel kind of good to be creative and make stuff.

Almost immediately after I got my post done and published the animals started begging and fussing at me for their lunch. I did make them wait a little and I played some Star Wars PinballVR for a few games but quit after not too long and got an early lunch.

As is fairly usual these days, I hit the wall hard and crashed out for about half an hour or so. I got up slowly, but didn't feel too bad, but my motivation was basically zero. 😪

While I tried to think about Mythix, there wasn't too much to it. Mostly watched some YouTube videos and chatted on Discord (went over to CryptoShots server for a while) and then got a shower and a shave.

Wenche had her appointment after work, so I made myself a bowl of soup 🍲 and some crackers for dinner, got ready for bed early, and then put on a new show that I heard about on a YouTube video about quantum, Devs. I like it so far, but it's been fairly mundane. To be fair, I only made it about an episode and a half in, so I'm hoping that things will get weirder soon (was expecting something similar to Everything, Everywhere, All At Once).

My eyes started to roll a bit, though, and I didn't want to miss any of it so I switched to Letterkenny and fell asleep before Wenche even got home.

My Splinterlands rental income rose slightly to a dollar twenty today. Still pretty harsh compared to where it just was, but inch by inch row by row, right? Slow and steady wins the race and all that.

Screenshot_20230318_070804_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

I still have about sixteen SPS left in my prepay balance, so sitting pretty at the moment and just been staking it all up.

I did swap out both DEC and VOUCHERs because I wanted to chuck a little more NEFTY into the pot...the idea being: park tokens, get WAX from people trading, spend WAX on CryptoShots NFTs (meanwhile I got NEFTY relatively low, possibly speculate on that token a bit as well, can hopefully count that as money in the bank, anyway; sitting there, not spent).

Not sure if that plan is really going to work, though...depends a lot on how much volume there is on the market and how much NEFTY other people have staked versus me. Still need a bit more time to guage, but I'm looking at tenths (about) of a WAX per day for about ten dollars investment, might require too much sunk in to be useful, but in the meantime I'm getting a little more WAX regardless.

Between the NEFTY and my insatiable desire for PIMP, I've had an incessant need for liquid lately...being in hoard mode isn't helping with that, might need to save up some SPS here.

I went in to check since there was a new airdrop card, but I don't was for GEMS? How much shite are they asking people to buy (there was Chaos Legion and RiftWatchers and Nightmare packs, all of which I bought, and land and licenses and Runi! I mean, I missed that one entirely; didn't even know GEMS was a thing. 🤯

What can I say? My dShitty SIM income is holding stable and my HIVE income is slowly rising. Do I sense a twinge of actually starting to care about this again? Dangerous...I even thought about buying some cards. 😱



Ran a couple missions today on Rising Star. Remarkably, I finally broke level seventy-one, so only 🤪 four more levels to go to unlock the next mission...ambitious estimate: Q4 2025.

Need to check in with Raven about those other three cards, she still hasn't sent them out. 🥺

Screenshot_20230318_070535_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Wow! Believe it or not (and entirely by coincidence) I heard some news about this. Does it help anything with the bags I'm sitting on? Nah, but it's something...decided to try and make a guide to Hive !BOTS post to see if I might be able to gather all the various rules together in one post to make it easier for noobs (seemed like a possibly helpful post for some) and saw that there's a new "KING" one. I think it tips BUDS, no inflation to see here...


I still can't seem to help myself when it comes to this, just squirrelling away every bit that comes in. A little painful, though, and I'm not sure what happened there, but despite my balance growing, it lost like seventy dollars worth of value. 🤬 When half a penny swing starts to have that much effect, you might be overexposed...still, it's all gravy, so I suppose I don't really need to look at it that way.

Screenshot_20230318_070617_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Not a whole lot happening over here today, just the usual stake and delegation rewards claim and staked up the airdrop. As Ive said before, I kind of wish I'd never gotten any mining rewards so that I didn't have any hope that I might. None again for today.

Screenshot_20230318_070443_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

After I'd swapped over some of the VOUCHER income to WAX, I still had a bit of liquid burning a whole in my pocket. Last week, for some silly reason, I decided not to take advantage of the discount and bought SQM directly off the market. It just so happened that this week's sale post had come up and, since I was in buying mode, I jumped on it:


Should be just one more SQM away from a three by three plot for Solairitas in game...still need to figure out how it will work/fit into the game, but for now I'm progressing toward that nine goal. Hopefully it will give my CCPower a little boost too.

Speaking of CryptoShots, I hung out in the Discord and played some Battle Royale for a bit and got SOOOPER lucky!!! Won two of the new Karina NFTs! 🤑🥳

Been going in once an hour more or less and playing the minigame mining PROX as well. Starting to build up a nice little chunk; about a hundred and forty so far. 👍 Still need to get my ass in gear and actually play some more on the computer.

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